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Killington Vermont Strippers



     We have been behind on our blog due to a busy schedule. There have been a lot of changes this calendar year. We have fresh, young, hot and sexy new lineup of talent. This is a review for a show we did in Killington Vermont this past weekend:
     “Girls were great. Casey is a smoke show. Scott (the driver) was solid. We all had a great time thanks man will recommend your services”.

     Here is another from Mt Snow, Vermont:
      “Anthony just wanted to send you an email to say thanks bud. My friends were so impressed with the girls you sent us. Sophia and Alexa were incredible. I love Sophia, her body, attitude and everything is so fucking awesome. Driver was great, girl on girl was intense. I would say 10 out of 10. Will call to set up another show next month”

     This review came from Worcester, Mass. After they booked a show with Eastcoast Party Strippers (who never showed up on a saturday night):
      “11 minutes.. It took you guys 11 minutes to arrive from the time i hung the phone up. The driver said “we got here faster than a pizza delivery” and he was right. I will never use another agency again. Those scumbags at Eastcost left us hanging and you bailed us out. I think the girls names were Sofia and Alex can you please tell them i said thank-you. They are beautiful and i want them again. I will call you next week.”
(this party has booked another show with us.. hahaha, those guys are awesome, house was amazing, tipped the girls great and got the hottest girl on girl show ever. The girls did it in the walk-in shower.)

      Like we have said before, we are the best. We provide the best girls at the best rates. We cant be beat, we wont be beat, so do yourselves a favor and STOP calling those fake junk website agencies. If they look like chicks from California it’s because they ARE. They are never showing up. If you call us, we will tell you exactly who is for real, and who is full of shit.

Killington Vermont Strippers
Manchester Nh Strippers
Portland Maine Strippers
Boston Mass Strippers
Foxwoods Ct Strippers
We can deliver girls in any city located in: Maine, Mass, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut

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Local Company Bullcrap – a must see

     We have recently discovered some new competition. They claim to be a local company. They have a local phone number and advertisements on google search. I must say i was intrigued by this company when i recieved a phone call from guys located in Maine saying that the agency they paid with a credit card called them and cancelled their appointment 1 hour before they were scheduled to arrive. According to the customer their credit card was charged 20% for deposit that is NON-REFUNDABLE. So, naturally i had to check on this so called local agency. My research found some things quite amusing. The links below are for website they have and ads pointing to those websites. 
     Some things you as a consumer may want to pay closer attention to when calling a company is the dancer gallery. Notice on these particular websites the girls are all the same. Not only are they the same but their name is just a NUMBER. For example, “Dancer 1” “Dancer 2” “Dancer 3” and so on. Dead giveaway. Secondly, how can a girl who is advertised as a local girl in Maine also be available for Florida? She must be taking private jets to your house, which would probably explain why a 2 girl show from them is over $500. 
     Here are just a few websites and listings we found. Google the following number and you can see for yourself. 8004914155. We dont have a problem with nationwide agencies trying to get in on the action, but please dont bullshit us or the customers into thinking that the girls you put up on that garbage site are actually going to show up. Unless however they are taking a personal JET to and from, all across the country. Just be honest and tell the customer that you are a booking agent and you will find the best agency in their area to serve their needs for them.

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New Pictures and Pages for our Dancers

     Plaistow Party Group has recently done a photo shoot with our dancers. On September 26th, 2010 most of our strippers attended a company photo shoot with a professional photographer. On September 30th i recieved all 500 pictures done with watermarks and copyrights. I posted the pictures on our site at

     If you click on any photo on our site you will be directed to a seperate page containing multiple images of each girl. Those pages are located here on wordpress. You may see each girl by visiting her page located on the sidebar under Pages. All of our girls with a page are available 24/7. They are 100% real images of real girls that actually work for Plaistow Party Group. You cannot book her through any other company who may be trying to use her images. The photo’s posted online are currently waiting federal copyright approval. Using any image without the EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT of both the entertainer and Plaistow Party Group is illegal. You may however view the photo’s for your own enjoyment. If you are interested in seeing more of a dancer, we suggest booking a show with us. We have the best rates, we wont be beat, we guarantee it. 

     The photographer who took the pictures is Gary Harfield. Licensed in the State of New Hampshire. He is available for booking for any event. Weddings are his specialty. He has done an amazing job, and we suggest you visit his site at You can also reach him directly at (603) 513-2385. Please mention us when calling and you could save money on your next important event.

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Expanding Our Service Area

      Plaistow Party Group has recently hired 6 dancers and 2 drivers to start our new operation. We are extremely optimistic about our new venture. We have been extremely busy here in New England and would like to expand our brand to Florida. Within the next 30 days you will be able to start booking shows from us in the Miami/Dade county area. Our General Manager of that branch will be introduced as soon as we have finalized our team. We are still currently looking to hire talent and drivers, if your interested in working in either of our branches, visit our employment page on  and fill out an application.

      This is a great opportunity for the dancers and clients of both New England and Southern Florida. During the winter months, some of our dancers will be heading down to our Florida office to work, which will offer them new faces and talent to sample. Likewise, in the summer months the girls from Florida will come up here to perform, offering our New England based customers new talent as well.  Plaistow Party Group and Miami Party Group will be open 24/7 year round. They will continue to provide the best entertainment in the industry.

      We are in the process of building a new site for the Florida office. WWW.MIAMIPARTYGROUP.COM will be ready for publishing within a week. We expect to be able to provide photo’s of the girls, services we will be offering, and contact information when the site is ready to be published.

      Residents of Miami/Dade please check the website periodically to find out more details as we begin to develop and grow the business. We should be fully staffed and ready to begin scheduling your bachelor parties soon. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have about our services and we will gladly update you as soon as we can. I personally am taking a trip down at the end of the month to interview staff, sign contracts, and move into the office we leased. I will be giving you a full report upon my return September 6th.

      Residents of New England, we will continue to book your shows while i’m away. I am available to answer any questions or concerns about shows that are currently booked for the end of the month and beginning of September. We will be continuing as normal, providing YOU the best entertainment in New England.

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