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Boston Strippers Agency Frauds

Welcome back friends and fans. Plaistow Party Group has been busy doing show after show thus we havent had a ton of time to post a new blog. Finally now we have some time. After checking out some of our competition and seeing exactly how we are fairing in the market, we came across this great piece of info.

“Will The Strippers Show Up On Time?
Yes, the entertainers will show up exactly when you need them give or take an hour just in case unexpected problems arise. In the event that something unexpected happens our agency will call you to let you know.”

“Will The Strippers I Choose Show Up?
We cannot guarantee that the women you choose on our site will show up at your party because they could already be booked with another show. If they are free we will be sure to send them your way.”

These are snippets from their FAQ page. This boston bachelor party company actually tells you they suck and most of you don’t take the time to read it. HAHA, lets break it down piece by piece.

The first quote.. They are basically saying “The girls will not show up on time, but if you ask for a certain time they will most likely be no more than 1 hour late”. How exactly is within 1 hour give or take being ONTIME? Yet they answer with a firm “YES” right from the start.

The second quote.. They are basically saying “The girls on our site are 100% fake and we plan on booking them for your party knowing full well they wont be showing up”. Tell me this, how can you book 2 specific girls for 1 party in Foxwoods (lets say), then 2 days later when i call, book the same 2 girls for Maine (lets say)? Bottom line is this, if the girls or girl is NOT available it should be because she is sick or family issues, not because she or they were DOUBLE booked. Who the hell does that?

So guys, if you want to call a company that basically tells you they will most likely be 1 hour late and the girls you want, have no chance of arriving, then be my guest. If you want girls who will not be late and get exactly the girls you see on our site and the girls you asked for, then call us. Make sure to read the fine print on all my competitors websites. They all have 20 or 30 sites, usually they only promote the sites they own, and promote them as a “different” agency they work well with. HAHA, these Boston Stripper companies don’t work well with anyone. Everyone hates them as they are liars and scam artists.

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