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Nationwide Stripper Agencies Suck

     Ok, so let’s get right down to it, the title should say it all right? Well it sort of does. Recently myself and another local booking agent have seen a surge in these assholes. More and more of these “So-Called” local maggots who live in Vegas or California or where ever the fuck they are from are posting ads on “Backpage” and buying clicks on “Google Ads”.  So after experiencing yet again another nightmare of show I have had enough. So for all you retards that keep calling them this is for you. Now this is an advertisement in Boston. Notice the ad? Anything look out-of-place? Does this look like it might be a scam? Do you actually believe that any of the girls shown are gonna show up to YOUR party? The answer is “ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT”!!! Here is why, now pay close attention…
     A. The ad title says: (all over usa)..  Hello assholes, they are telling you flat-out they are NOT a local company.. Pay attention, use your head with the brain in it.
     B. The girls: I mean come on seriously? They look like the hottest girls on the planet nevermind 6 of the hottest girls living in Boston. Do they look girls who strip for  $500 or girls that have rich ass sugar daddies buying them a Lexus and putting 4 Karat diamonds on them. In my opinion, there is hot and sexy, then there is “to hot to be true” and they are just that.
    C. The website: If you are still wondering how real they are click on the website. Notice the sidebar with all the cities and states they “supposedly” service. The girls are all the same. Are they taking a fucking private Jet to your party for $300? I highly doubt it and you should too..
Here is what they do…
    A. They tell you they are local and pick the girls you want.
    B. They make unreal promises like “90 Minutes Guaranteed”
    C. They will do a toy show for “FREE”
Here is the truth…
     This business is a “TIPPING” based business. Just like in a strip club, the girls make money on tips. The more they make they happier they are. Girls that are that hot wont be working for free. They sure as hell wont be doing a toy show with each other for you for free. As far as “90 minutes” goes, well like I said, you can forget that, if you don’t tip them accordingly, they will be gone in a matter of minutes. Only dirty nasty agencies “Force” their contractors to work for minimum amounts of time for little to no pay.

     Bottom line is this, if you wanna be stuck there with a thumb in your ass looking like the biggest tool at the party, keep calling assholes like that guy on the ad and keep giving him a credit card so he can rob you blind. A word of advice to anyone who has been ripped off by these Nation Wide posers, call your credit card company or bank right away and dispute the charges. When these pricks keep getting hit with $35 reversal fees from smart people, it wont be worth the time and money they invest ripping you off. Sooner or later Merchant Account Companies will not provide them with the ability to accept credit cards anymore.

     I will tell you this much, if you call me on a saturday night cause they didn’t show up, I will send you real girls as quick as i can. I suggest not relying on this cause you may not be able to find any dancers available for you from any local company on a friday or saturday night. Personally, I could care less about people who are too stupid to realize they are being ripped off and scammed all because they didn’t take the time to read carefully rather they just looked at some pictures of really hot girls. If that’s all I need to do to get your call, I can go on Google images and steal pictures too. I would rather be honest, legit and customer friendly then a crook. If you want to know who else is on the Nationwide Scumbag List, feel free to email me and I will gladly tell you who the frauds and thieves are.

Our website is we are located on the border of Mass, Maine and NH right off of route 495. We are willing to provide strippers in Mass, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut “NOT” Las Vegas. Our local number is 603-819-4948, toll-free number is 877-705-2382. Call us anytime of the day or night. Our girls are available tonight for booking, we have some hot sexy duo teams ready to party. Mention this Blog and get a 20% this weekend.

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