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Finally added New Girls

     We have been asked by our competition to add pictures of the girls we have been promising. They insisted we were bullshitting the customers into believing we were frauds. They even went as far as to say we should give it up, that we dont have quality and we are hypocrites for calling them out and then not living up to the standards we set.

     Our response is simple, we finally got a chance to add some of our new summer lineup. We still have several more that need to be added but you may go to our site and see a few that we did get done. As far as our so-called competition goes, HA, they still dont put real girls up on their site. Fake party pics of girls that look a little like the girls you have isnt the same. When you try to use a pic of a 21 year old girl to represent what a 32 year old looks like, its not even close. LOL…

     Summer time is here. Peak season began. Plaistow Party Group is booking as well and as much as any of our competitors. Mind you they have 15 year head start in the market, but 1 thing is for sure, our rates and shows are far better. We are not cheaper then them cause we suck, we are cheaper then them cause we are not greedy, and we actually care that you have an outstanding party.

     When you want real, honest, and customer comes first company there is only 1. Plaistow Party Group is second to none. We invite you to find better. Let us know if you do. We dont think you can. to view all of the dancers that we currently have photo’s for.


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