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Memorial Weekend Coming Up

     It has been a while since we last updated our blog. We apologize to our customers and readers. We have been really busy trying to upgrade the company in our effort to bring you the best entertainment.

     First off we would like to say thank-you to everyone who has used our great service. Plaistow Party Group provides itself on providing quality dancers at an affordable rate. Some of our line up will be changing. We are adding quite a few new faces. We can guarantee you will love what we have in store for you.

     Second we would like to point out and remind all of you that our brother company V.I.P Entertainment is also available for booking by giving us a call. They have been providing top quality dancers throughout New England for 18 years now. We have been working together to continue that high quality standard.

     Lastly to bring us to the main topic of this blog. The month of May is memorial month. We will be celebrating this month with some fantastic prices on all our shows. We will be beating any price quote from any competitor. They want to provide you with dancers at our rate then we say good luck to you. It can’t be done by them, we have little to no overhead unlike them, we spend almost nothing on paid advertisements like they do and unlike them we actually care whether or not your show is a great show. I want to share a recent show booking with you, i hope you find it as funny as we do.
     On May 11th 2011 we were contacting by a best man for a bachelor party on Nantucket Island, Mass. I told him that i would need to check ferry schedules and other costs in order to provide him with an adequate price quote. After a full day of research, it was discovered that due to the current ferry schedule certain things would be the financial responsibility of the customer. I e-mailed him back on the 12th with a quote of $1000 for 2 girls. I also explained in detail how the cost broke down due to the time of his show. Ferry rides for the 3 travelers would be $395. That cost is the actual cost of the ferry, not my price for it. Then since the ferry couldnt return until 7:30am the next day, they would need a room to sleep. Room costs on the island are $150-$200. They would also need to eat, so i figured a $50 food allowance is appropriate. The company cost for the driver and dancers for that travel is $400. I was upfront and more than reasonable. However the cost was rather high for the best man. He decided to call around to other agencies and get prices from them.
1. quoted 2 girls $450
2. quoted 2 girls $400
3. quoted 3 girls $400
     He opted to choose option 3. Most people would. You get more bang for your dollar, or so it would seem. After all the information i had previously given him, 1 would expect that those price quotes were a little odd. But not this guy, he books the party for May 13th, 2011 at 10pm. On May 14th, 2011 i received the following email

So looks like [company name] stood me up tonight. 
Can you do 3 girls for $1k tomorrow night?”
     Guys, don’t let this happen to you. Think about what you’re getting and not how much it cost to get it. Your ordering what is supposed to be a lifelong memory. Well they certainly got 1 didn’t they. Nobody was able to do their party at all for the entire weekend. They had 0 dancers total, and sat there drinking beer in a sausage fest stuck on an island due to unethical and horrible entertainment companies in boston. So next time your thinking about ordering strippers for your party, call Plaistow Party Group at 603-819-4948 or 877-705-2382. You may also visit our website at Your only choice for REAL entertainment and not just someone looking to steal your money.

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