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     You wanna get a good laugh.. Well here goes. As many of you might or might not know, there are many agencies booking strippers throughout New England. However they are not all straight forward honest business men/women. For instance:

1. They have fake photo’s of girls
2. Say they are local company when they are from texas or some other ridiculous state 500 plus miles away
3. Charge your credit card even if you cancel
4. Feed their dancers drugs so they can have sex with them and steal their money
5. Lie, cheat and bully the girls and drivers so they get too scared to leave

     Hows that for a shady industry. Bait and switch is so bad that when people call me to book a show i get asked the following questions:
1. Will the girl i pick actually show up?
2. Does she actually look like her picture?
3. Are you gonna charge my credit card even though i wanna pay cash?

     Here is the list of answers i always give them:
1. All of our girls are 100% real
2. All pictures are current and less than a year old
3. You do not need to give us a credit card

     I had an agency that i share work with call me the other day. He told me a funny story. I’m gonna quote him so here goes:
HIM: “my girl just called me all upset. she asked if I was sending messages to her sorority sisters telling them i was a dancer”

ME: “what did you say?”

HIM: “i told her no, why would i do that”

ME: “why would that matter?”

HIM: “cause she would get kicked out of her sorority if she was found dancing”

ME: “well that’s just stupid”

HIM: “she just called me back, she said it was (edited) from (edited for SEO reasons) shit bag boston company”

ME: “Yeah that company sucks real bad. that’s the kind of shit they do to the girls if they quit working for them”

HIM: “really? why would they harass a girl when she leaves? seems stupid to me”

     That is a little except of the conversation we had. I kinda wanted to think about it for a while. In my thought process i came to a few conclusions. Here is my list:
1. The company is so scummy they tried to hurt the girl personally for quitting.
2. The company just plain SUCKS

Do you and your friends a favor.. If you want real girls, great prices, top quality dancers and on time service then you should only call either of the following 2 companies…..

1. PLAISTOW PARTY GROUP   877-705-2382   Ask for Anthony

2. VIP STRIPPERS   800-446-8847   Ask for Meni    (we endorse this company as they provide the same customer service we do)


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  1. Thanks for the plug bro. We should take over New England by 2012.

    Comment by bostonstrippers | March 11, 2011 | Reply

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