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     We started running an advertising campaign through our site last month. Last months winner was Athenas by Jason. This month we have selected Sophie’s Mentertainment. Sophie’s offers a wide variety of adult entertainment. They offer links to various sites, top ten lists, and banner exchange. We think you will find the site to be entertaining and informational. We hope you enjoy their products.

     If you are interested in having  banner link on our site next month, we are accepting new submissions for next month. Remember they need to be submitted by the 24th of September.

     We posted earlier that Craigslist had huge issue’s with the adult services section of their site. Just an update, they have removed their adult section permanately. The government has seen to it to censor our right to information. Congrats to all Americans for giving up their rights little by little. Sooner or later we will have none left. They take small pieces and say it is for your own good, but there is a bigger picture. The small pieces add up till eventually the become a whole.

     We hope everyone had a great labor day weekend. Wish to say thank-you to everyone who had a show with us. We had an awesome time attended. We are back at it this weekend, we are already booked for 8 shows on Saturday and 3 for Friday. We suggest booking early this week if you want us to entertain your party and friends. Last minute shows will be done as best we can. All of our shows are on special discount rates for the entire month of September. We have hit the 400 show mark for the year this past sunday and wish to show our appreciation. So call us and find out about our 2 girl show rates.


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