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Craigslist Sucks

We have been advertising through craigslist since Dec. 2009. Recently as of Sept, 1 2010 they once again changed their terms of conditions. Paid advertisers who post under the Adult- Services link now have to resubmit new ads that get manually reviewed in an office out in California. The average turn around time for ad reviews is 7 and a half hours. This is a problem because they only review ads for 12 hours a day. So if you get rejected today, you need to wait till tomorrow to try again.

I understand they want to regulate the sex trade industry. However, what is the big fucking deal. Sites likes and numerous others post openly and freely illegal sex acts. Why is it that people demand Craigslist be the moral standard for everyone else? Isnt there an easier way to please everyone. Why not require viewing of the adult services age verification required.

Listen the age of  using Craigslist to find quality entertainers is coming to an end. A new forum for advertising is needed. We want to give a special thanks to the Craigslist Killer for being a complete lunatic and fucking everything up for everyone else.  Look forward to seeing you at your next show. Look for our ads in other places. Follow us on to get updates and specials for all of our upcoming events. Visit our website to find hot sexy dancers for you to choose from.


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